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Resources: The Crisis in Iraq
Confirmed: Funeral Arrangements for Rev. Noel Williams R.I.P.
Memorial Mass to be held for Canon Frank Mulvey R.I.P.
Highlights from the 2014 Welsh National Pilgrimage to Lourdes
World Youth Day 2016 - Krakow is waiting ...
A first for the Diocese: Website to help vocations promotion
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Welcome to the Archdiocese of Cardiff

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Cardiff serves the South East area of Wales and the Herefordshire region of England in the United Kingdom.  The diocese serves as the Metropolitan diocese for the Province of Wales and Herefordshire, therefore holding the status of 'Archdiocese'.  The suffragan diocese of the province are the Diocese of Menevia and the Diocese of Wrexham

On this site you will find information about the diocese, the parishes and general functioning of the bodies within the diocese.  We are constantly trying to make improvements to the site, so please bear with us.  If you have any feedback please email the Webmaster.


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