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The Commission for Christian Unity was established by the Archbishop to promote within the diocese the commitment to seek with other Christian traditions a deeper unity in Christ.


Chair: Mrs Carys Whelan

Contact: Mrs Carys Whelan

Cae'r Delyn
St Hilary
CF71 7DP

Tel: 01446 772888
E-mail: unity@rcadc.org

Secretary: Sr. Maureen Davies SSJ     

Archdiocese of Cardiff,

Pastoral Resources Centre,

910 Newport Road,

Cardiff CF3 4LL

Updates - September 2014

Towards Christian Unity

The Commission for Christian Unity has recently published a small book, entitled 'Towards Christian Unity', to mark the fiftieth celebration of the Decree Unitatis Redintegratio (The Restoration of Unity) which was promulgated on 21st November 1964 by the Second Vatican Council. 















The book was recently launched at the Eisteddfod. The photograph shows Archbishop George Stack of Cardiff and Bishop Emeritus Edwin Regan of Wrexham.



In his forward to the book, Archbishop George Stack reminds us of the challenge and commitment to all Christians to follow the prayer of Jesus, 'That they may all be one'.


The book is a compilation of quotations to stimulate discussion among Christians on their common journey.  The Commission hopes this bilingual book will be useful for personal prayer and reflection, and a help to groups in their discussions and prayer together.


These books are a gift to our parishes, made possible through the generosity of sponsors. The books will be distributed, in a small number, to each parish on the 2nd October.  They are now available for download from this website.


Download in English

Download in Welsh


NEWSLETTER - owing to the popularity of the newsletter a new edition will be published in the Autumn.

HEREFORDSHIRE NEWS - please follow the link:

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015

To find out more about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, follow the link... http://www.ctbi.org.uk/681




Information is available from the Women's World Day of Prayer website.  

Click on http://www.wwdp.org.uk/



Commission Members preparing material for 'Towards Christian Unity', the Newsletter, the 'Catholic People' and sharing news from around the Diocese.




Christian Unity Newsletter

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Below are quotations from religious and spiritual leaders:



September 2014

Our quotation this month is by Olav Fykes Tveit, General Secretary, World Council of Churches, The Church - Towards a Common Vision 2013

'Unity is a gift of life and a gift of love, not a principle of unanimity or utilitarianism.  We have a calling as a fellowship of churches to express the unity of life that is given to us in Jesus Christ through his life, cross and resurection so that brokeness, sin and evil can be overcome.'



August 2014


Our quotation this month is by Reverend Inderjit Bhogal, quoted by Rev Bill Snelson in ‘Enriching Communion’, CTE publications 2006.

We can all sit and eat together. We can all do something at our local level by getting neighbours to eat, pray and party with each other; to build slowly and over many years relationships of mutual trust and respect; to begin to cooperate together in action for justice and mercy; and to pray together for justice and mercy in our unjust and cruel world.


July 2014


Our quotation this month comes from ‘Together in Christ’ (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales 2009):

It has been well said that it is almost impossible to quarrel with someone we have just been sincerely praying with. Praying together changes our relationship, because all sincere prayer is God’s gift, and brings God with it.

Such prayer together is also a humble but faithful sharing in the prayer of Jesus, who promised that any prayer in his name would be heard by the Father.








The Covenanted Churches in Wales 2010-2015

Covenanting for Mission

The Gathering, Aberystwyth October 2012

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Together in Christ 

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These leaflets, published by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, help to promote Christian unity and cooperation at parish level. 

Introduction, 1234567






Dialogue with other Christians.  

For information visit the website of The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales: http://www.cbcew.org.uk/

and the page on the Committee for Christian Unity: http://www.cbcew.org.uk/CBCEW-Home/Departments/Dialogue-and-Unity/Christian-Unity


Other interesting websites are:

Cytûn Churches Together in Wales.







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