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 Croeso i dudalen Undod Cristnogol


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The Commission for Christian Unity was established by the Archbishop to promote within the diocese the commitment to seek with other Christian tradition

s a deeper unity in Christ.


Chair: Mrs Carys Whelan

Contact: Mrs Carys Whelan

Cae'r Delyn
St Hilary
CF71 7DP

Tel: 01446 772888
E-mail: unity@rcadc.org

Secretary: Sr. Maureen Davies SSJ      Archdiocese of Cardiff, Pastoral Resources Centre, 910 Newport Road, Cardiff CF3 4LL

Updates - May 2014

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Vatican II Document Unitatis Redintegratio the Commission is publishing a booklet of ecumenical quotations for reflection.  This will be launched in the summer.  More news to follow.

The Commisssion is also planning an ecumenical conference to mark the anniversary.  The papers from the conference will be made available on this web-site.


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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2014

To find out more about the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity,follow the link...  http://www.ctbi.org.uk/658





Information is available from the Women's World Day of Prayer website.  

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Below are quotations from religious and spiritual leaders:







June 2014


Our quotation for June comes from Mgr Gregory Fairbanks, an official at the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity.


Christian Unity is possible

The ultimate goal of ecumenism is not uniformity but full visible unity. This is full communion with each other, fully shared Eucharist, and full sacramental sharing.


While a half century of formal dialogue has brought divided Christians much closer together, the goal has yet to be reached and some of the obstacles have changed over the past 50 years. Early on, the challenges involved theological issues, but now strong disagreements exist over moral issues. We have overcome many doctrinal issues and hope to continue on this road for other issues as well. The point of the ecumenical movement is to have a common witness for Christianity so that we can more effectively share the message of Jesus Christ with the whole world.







April 2014


This month’s quote comes from Pope Benedict’s address to the 3rd European Ecumenical Assembly at Sibiu

There is no true dialogue until there is listening as well as speaking, and when in listening people meet each other, when such encounters mean good relationships and when relationships involve understanding, a deepening and transformation of our life as Christians. In this way dialogue is not limited to the field of knowledge and what we can do. Rather it has the person who believes, and indeed the Lord himself, at its centre.


May 2014



Our quotation for May comes from ‘The Search for Christian Unity’ (CBCEW)

Ecumenical Dialogue

Dialogue necessitates openess about oneself, and trust in what others say about themselves.  It is a listening and a questioning, and a readinness to be questioned. One must be ready to clarify one’s views further, and to modify one’s personal views and behaviour. It enables the participants to identify the areas where they are in accord and where they differ.(172)

Local dialogue can range from the most informal and every-day conversation to organised discussions. (173)






The Covenanted Churches in Wales 2010-2015

Covenanting for Mission

The Gathering, Aberystwyth October 2012

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Together in Christ 

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These leaflets, published by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, help to promote Christian unity and cooperation at parish level. 

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Dialogue with other Christians.  

For information visit the website of The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales: http://www.cbcew.org.uk/

and the page on the Committee for Christian Unity: http://www.cbcew.org.uk/CBCEW-Home/Departments/Dialogue-and-Unity/Christian-Unity


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